Peterson Creek

In the heart of Yungaburra is a special walk where you may be able to view platypus, a rare Lumholtz Tree-Kangaroo, the unique ‘Lloyd’s Suspension Bridge’, historical objects and more. Watch the resident platypus swim and dive at the Yungaburra platypus viewing area on the Gillies Highway, located on the Atherton side of the village. You can drive and park at the viewing area or take a pleasant stroll from town.

Very close to home

Petersons Creek is two minutes from the Curtain Fig Motel and offers the opportunity to spot rare wildlife and enjoy a walk along a peaceful creek bordering dairy farmland. Clearly defined walks of between 15 - 45 minutes can be enjoyed. The unique Lloyds suspension bridge, 15 - 20 minutes into the walk, crosses the creek and leads to the site of a preserved boiler used in the past to power a coal-fired steam pump. This pump was used to fill the water tank serving steam locomotives at the Yungaburra railway station which stood diagonally across from the Lake Eacham Hotel.

Spot a platypus

There is a glorious peace to be found as you meander along beside Peterson Creek, where you may be lucky enough to see Platypus (at the right time of day), where turtles regularly sun themselves on rocks, where ducks shepherd ducklings along the creek bank and where handy picnic benches and seats are conveniently placed for you to sit and watch nature at its best. Interesting trees and shrubs abound, many of which have been helpfully labelled with information about there origin and uses.

When to go

Although the best viewing times are morning and dusk, it’s worthwhile stopping for a look at any time of day. The Yungaburra Visitor Centre receives regular reports of mid-day sightings.

Don't forget to bring your camera!

Check out and download a PDF of the Peterson Creek Walk Map