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Fifteen years is a long time to live anywhere

Fifteen years is a long time to live anywhere

Posted on 02 June, 2015 in History, News

[Photo credit: Alexandre Lavrov]

Fifteen years is a long time to live anywhere; in fact, our twelve years in the suburb of Fannie Bay (Darwin, NT) was the longest my husband Mark has lived in one house in his life! However, in the second week of May this year, we piled the belongings that we could not fit into the removalist container into a trailer and headed east to begin a new life in Queensland.

I had a dream born many years ago when my boys were small and we went to stay on a farm in Devon in the south of England. Glorious rolling green dairy pastures, endless hedgerows to explore, bird song to identify and, in lambing season, gambolling white fluffy lambs to help bottle feed. The farm did bed breakfast and evening meal and was owned by friends of ours who loved the life and seemed happy every day. Something about their satisfaction in dealing with the farm and their guests resonated with me and sowed a seed.

About ten years ago Mark and I drove through the Atherton Tablelands and I knew I had come home. There were the rolling green pasture lands but the weather was so much better!!! An opportunity to buy a motel came up suddenly and within a few months we were on the road to pastures new.

There is a world of difference between running a legal practice (Mark is a Barrister) and becoming Mein Host in the hospitality field but Mark has risen to the challenge admirably. He is the one who gets up to start the breakfasts for the rooms (a job his pedantic OCD tendencies lend themselves to admirably) and I have learned to stand back, do as I am told and run backwards and forwards as delivery wallah. He is a coffee snob and has a ‘thing’ about life being to short to drink lousy coffee. Within a week, all of the rooms sprouted coffee pod machines and fantastic they are too. Our clients have given them a universal seal of approval.

Coffee snobs of the world unite! I feel the same about red wine…….

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