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Food, glorious food

Food, glorious food

Posted on 17 April, 2016 in Food, Yungaburra
One of the best things to come about since we became joint owners of the Curtain Fig Motel has been the opportunity to extend our culinary expertise. Mark has become the Omelette King – perfecting soft, fluffy eggselence on a plate which wows his breakfast audience; and I have extended my skills with dinners to include Sous-Vide cooking (vacuum packed food cooked for hours in a water bath at set temperatures – Google it), Greek desserts such as Galaktoboureko, Indian curries like my latest favourite, Andhra Chicken (another one worth Googling) and of course, the ever popular British Roast Pork and Apple Sauce – with crunchy crackling. It helps to have an oven that produces good crackle!!!!

Flush with this success, and encouraged by locals and guests alike, our next project is a Tapas Bar. I fell in love with Tapas many years ago when I undertook travels in Spain and the Spanish Islands (so much easier from Pommyland). This was enhanced by our time in Darwin, where we were lucky enough to have the Moorish Café, run by Gertie and David which took Tapas and Sangria to amazing heights.

A drawback is the extended time it takes to obtain a liquor license. Apparently Queensland is one of the toughest places to gain one. We have managed to get the tick from the local Council, I have done the Liquor Management course, we have completed half a forest of paperwork, paid the not inconsiderable fee and sent off the paperwork. Told to expect it to take up to 6 months, we have just received another list of things we have to do – probably at least half another forest of paperwork – and no guarantee at the end that we will receive a license!!!!

On the upside, my clever sons have offered to fly up from Melbourne and build the bar for us. They are both talented wood-workers and I look forward to exciting results – and the chance to spend quality time spoiling my offspring!!!! To complement the project, Mark and our good friend Jim Pettridge are developing plans for a fire pit to be a winter attraction. Can’t wait!!! 

For my part, I am madly developing Tapas Recipes ready for the day we open the Curtain Fig Tapas Bar. Wish us luck!!!

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