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Four weeks in, and here's a quick recap

Four weeks in, and here's a quick recap

Posted on 16 June, 2015 in News

[Photo credit: Graeme Churchard]

So, we have just survived our fourth weekend and the place was very busy. Most of the couples were here for at least two days, one in fact stayed five. There is a different atmosphere when people are settling for a while and not just passing through. The video library got a good workout because the weather decided to drizzle for three days straight. The sun has, of course, come out now that the rooms have vacated!

Next weekend will be interesting as Mark leaves for ten days in Bali and I will be coping alone. One of the draw backs of being a Barrister is that one has to maintain yearly education points and Mark is running out of time in which to collect them. Attending the Criminal Lawyers Conference in Bali will address the problem, and also allow him to catch up with the colleagues with whom he has been engaged for the last decade in Darwin. He assures me that any consumption of ice cold Bintang will be purely for social purposes and all in the line of duty……..

Hopefully by the weekend I will have become used to the routine and will be able to cope OK; mind you, if you see the little white van arrive and the application of the funny coat that does up with straps you will know that my optimism was – well - optimistic.

Which box was the red wine in?

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