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Lovely things happen at the Curtain Fig

Lovely things happen at the Curtain Fig

Posted on 24 November, 2019 in Food, History, News, Personal, Yungaburra

So, we are in the slowing down part of the year. We had a lousy start to the year with months of almost non-stop mizzle – that horrible stuff that masquerades as rain but just succeeds in making you feel damp and miserable – which slowed down the tourist trade so that we did not really start getting bookings until mid-June. As any small motel owner will know, this puts us seriously behind in the making–ends–meet stakes.

Regardless, we soldiered on and have met many lovely people through the year, culminating in an excellent October Folk Festival weekend (our fourth great Festival and the best yet, although by the end of it I swore I would never cook another curry……).

This year we have been lucky and picked up some long-term bookings for a road maintenance company which has helped us catch up a bit financially – and Christmas is also looking good.

Occasionally, really lovely things happen - this weekend, for example, a couple celebrated their engagement with us, and we gifted a bottle of bubble to mark the occasion. It really is lovely being a tiny part of so many peoples lives, and I treasure the interactions, the laughter, the meals and drinks – it’s like having an extended family which is important when most of our own are very far away.

Soon it will be time to send out the Christmas cards – and of course, ours have Oscar and Luci starring on them – to say thanks to past guests and remind them that we remember them.

Season’s Greetings to friends near, far, and those we have still to meet. Cheers!

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