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Lucy the Griffon

Lucy the Griffon

Posted on 02 July, 2015 in News

So, Lucy the Brussels Griffon may weigh only a couple of kilos and resemble a slightly bedraggled Ewok, but in her heart she is a lioness, prowling the plains of the Serengeti. The morning walk along the creek has become a much looked forward to daily adventure, where she likes nothing better than to surprise the odd browsing wallaby, or better still, to play her regular game of chase with Clint the Bush Turkey.

Clint has been so named because he stands and stares Lucy down with that ‘make my day’ expression on his face. His various wives may scatter, but Clint stands his ground. Lucy’s partner, Oscar, rises above all this of course, being a pup of better breeding; there are much more important things to do and far too many wonderful scents to track than to bother with the hoy polloy.

Taking the same walk each day offers the chance to watch nature changing, watch the shrubs and trees grow, and hear the bird song change as migrants come and go with the seasons. After fifteen years in Darwin, it really is a pleasure to be able to walk in cooler temperatures again. I had not realised how much I missed it – although I have the feeling the dogs are still in shock at the temperature change – they have only ever lived in the tropics till now!

However, Lucy met her match this morning. Having spotted Clint and his harem, she tore joyfully off after him with that joyful little ‘yip!’, only to round a corner and come face to face with a large brown bovine. The scene reminded me of one of those Tom and Jerry cartoons from years ago, when Tom would start madly ‘back peddling’ in mid-air in an effort to reverse whatever doom was about to befall him. Big scary cows do not do much for Lucy’s constitution - and they are definitely NOT welcome on her part of the Serengeti!

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