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Patriots at the Avenue of Honour

Patriots at the Avenue of Honour

Posted on 20 June, 2019 in History, Yungaburra, News

This weekend sees another Patriots (Cairns) fundraiser which helps to provide the where-with-all to continue maintenance of the Yungaburra Avenue of Honour. The Avenue of Honour was opened on the 21st June 2013 making this it’s 6th anniversary. According to the website, 261 ADF members have been wounded in action in Afghanistan since Operation SLIPPER (Australia's military contribution to the International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan) began. Even more poignant is the fact that the explosive detection dogs that have been lost are also named and celebrated. They did not themselves make the decision to join the ADF but would have been loyal and loving to their handlers regardless.

I question not your commands
I follow faithfully wherever you go
I pledge my loyalty no matter what
I share the danger of your domain
and will readily lay down my life for yours ...
... for in this moment we are one

Patriots at the Avenue of Honour

The development of the memorial, driven initially by the family of the late Private Benjamin Chuck after his loss in 2010, was quickly adopted at regional, state and then national level, with funding coming from all levels of government and the RSL. Each year thousands visit the avenue which stretches about 350 metres along the banks of Lake Tinaroo, with a backdrop of water and mountains. 70 Flame Trees were planted, designed to flower annually around Remembrance Day in November.

On June 22nd this year motorcyclists from the Cairns Chapter of the Patriots Club start their run in Holloway Beach and arrive in Yungaburra via Kairi at around 3.30 pm. After an hour-long service and an Honour Plate dedication conducted at the Avenue, a fundraiser will be held at the Yungaburra Community Hall. Curtain Fig Motel is proud to be a sponsor of this event.

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