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People and their Pets

People and their Pets

Posted on 11 July, 2020

People and their Pets

The lovely thing about being pet friendly is the special people you meet. And the more I meet the best friends of owners that visit Curtain Fig Motel, the more the myth that folk get to resemble their furry partners seems real. It may not be fiction; according to 2014 health and science article [1], when shown a photo line-up of random people and random dogs, people are able to match the pets with their owners at a rate greater than chance.

A Japanese scientist spent time researching the phenomena and concluded that the connection is not about hairstyles, obesity, gender, height, or even eye colour. Instead, it’s something that’s being conveyed in the shared look about the eyes of dogs and their people.

Oscar and Mark are greying gracefully into their senior years. I have dark brown eyes. Lucy and Oscar also have very dark eyes. So maybe there’s something in it. Who knows? Our thanks to John and dog Boots for the header photo.[1]

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