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Yungaburra - Cooler than Cairns

Yungaburra - Cooler than Cairns

Posted on 18 July, 2015 in Yungaburra, News

Yungaburra - Cooler than Cairns.....Well - Yungaburra uses that as an advertising catch phrase - but it has been very much truer in the last few days of cold weather experienced right across Queensland - and has come as something of a wake up call for ex-Darwinites.  After 15 years in the real tropics, the idea of wearing uggboots was looked upon as an anathema - but now seems very much more attractive! I actually had ice on my car, something I have not seen since leaving the UK 20 years ago.

Mark and other Yungaburra business people used the slogan to good effect yesterday at the Cairns show, where members of the Yungaburra Proactive Business Association took a brave move and set up a stall in the Cairns Show Pavilion to showcase the village as a tourist destination. Members of the association took it in turns to man (and woman) the site, offering show-bags, a chance to win one of three great accommodation prizes, and talking to passers by about the things the Tablelands, and Yungaburra in particular, have to offer. The Curtain Fig offered a nights accommodation and breakfast, with a $100 Dinner voucher added by Nicks restaurant, and our thanks to Allumbah Pocket Cottages for donating a nights accommodation, complimentary wine and breakfast, and to Eden House Retreat and Spa for a nights accommodation and two massages. Three lucky couples will be able to enjoy a weekend as a result. 

Being a small village, Yungaburra business relies on the passing trade that tourism brings.  The village has a great deal to offer and is part of the many events that occur on the Atherton Tablelands annually, including the Folk Festival, Rodeo, Markets, Annual Triathlon, Annual Rowing Competition - and so many more. We are an RV friendly village and a regular target for motor car and bike enthusiasts. 

There was a healthy amount of interest in the stall, especially when Mark and Nick, from Nicks Restaurant, got busy with the squeeze box and the Maracas. Zinc Radio took notice and the pair were soon heard making a joyful noise on local radio - well, making a noise, anyway!!! Well, Yungaburra is worth making a noise about. So what are you waiting for? The view from here may be chilly, but it is still great - come on up!

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